Bachelor of Computer Application - (BCA)

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India faces a huge shortage of quality software professionals. A recent NASSCOM survey says that in 2015 the gap may be as wide as 20 lac.
The BCA program of MU is designed for students who are looking for a challenging career. The program aims at providing exposure to both IT and Management. After completion, candidate may either pursue higher studies or join business or industry.
Our infrastructure include advanced computer labs with latest software, Audi0—visual teaching tools, vast library etc. Regular seminars and lectures by the visiting faculty and guests boosts the learning experience.

ELIGIBILITY : 10+2 or equivalent with Mathematics. | DURATION : 3 Years (6 Semesters)

First Year
1. Compulsory Paper Hindi (100 marks)
2. Subsidiary Papers English (100 marks)
Mathematics (100 marks)
3. Paper I Full Marks 100 (Theory: 75, Practical: 25) Computer Fundamental
Computer Software
Processing Modes
Programming Concept
Introduction to Computer Architecture
Programming Logic & Design Techniques
4. Paper II Full Marks 100 (Theory: 75, Practical: 25) Operating Systems
Business Applications
Foxproz Viewing and Editing Data, Indexing,
Sorting and Printing Report Programming and Error Debugging
Multiple Data File and Custom Screens
Second Year
1. Compulsory Paper Hindi (100 marks)
2. Subsidiary Papers English (100 marks)
Mathematics (100 marks)
3. Paper III Full Marks 100 (Theory: 75, Practical: 25) Computer Networking
Boolean Algebra
Structured Programming
4. Paper IV Full Marks 100 (Theory: 75, Practical: 25) Data Structure
Stack and Queues
Linked List; Tree; Searching and Sorting
Tables and graphs
Computer Aided Drafting
Third Year
1. Paper V Full Marks 100 Pogramming in Visual Basic
Mapping Project
Elements of the user Interface
Inroduction to visual basic language
Working with forms
ActivX Commands
The text box controls
List box and combo box; Dialog Box
Component of Visual Basic
Database Management System (DBMS)
2. Paper VI Full Marks 100 Object Oriented Programming (C++)
Java Programming
Advance Topics in Computers
3. Paper VII Full Marks 100 Design of a database for a business application
Design of data entry forms and report layouts for these databases.
Creation of program to access and manipulate the databases.
Development of a business application in RDBMS.
Creating, merging, and deleting tables.
Project preparation and viva.
4. Paper VIII Full Marks 100 Prepare a project in C++ programming.
Project preparation and viva.
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